Awardees of Sakura Science, Technology, and Innovation Award (SSTIA) 2023

On October 1, 2023, Sakura Science Alumni Association Indonesia (SAAI) announced the awardees of their competition event in 2023─Sakura Science, Technology, and Innovation Award (SSTIA 2023). Through visits to and discussion with organization related to STI, SAAI coordinators have elaborately prepared for the event as early as March. The behind-the-scene activities to call for papers, to look for adjudicators, to screen all incoming papers and to provide an online venue for the finalists to present their findings were seamlessly arranged by the team in Indonesia. The secretariat wholeheartedly wishes to congratulate all who contributed and supported SSTIA2023.

SAAI General Secretary, Ms. Anisa Fatonah has confirmed the data of participants as follows.

In total, there were 88 young researchers from Indonesia who submitted abstracts as part of the requirement to participate in full paper submission. These individuals represent a diverse spectrum, encompassing 37 universities, a government institution, a private company, and a high school student.

The competition provided three classes, A, B and C and additional awarding categories:
Class A: Application of Science and Technology for the Development of ASEAN’s Blue Economy
Class B: Prospect of Renewable Energy for Green Economy Sustainable Development
Class C: Collaborative Efforts in Achieving Food Security: ASEAN and Japan Cooperation

Below, you can read abstracts of each awardees:
(For access to full paper, please contact the email of the respective corresponding authors or the SSC Secretariat ssc20[at]─Replace [at] with @)

Project Leader of SSTIA 2023, Ms. Livia Liannasari spoke about the event as follows:
“It has been such an honor for SAAI to witness the enthusiasm given from young researchers across Indonesia. I hope this event truly serves its mission in which to provide a platform for recognizing, promoting, and appreciating their research efforts. In addition, SSTIA 2023 also marks the importance of international collaboration in the development of science, technology, and innovation (STI).”

The grand final round was attended by several important figures who delivered opening speeches, namely:

  1. Ms. Kanako Nishibayashi, Program Coordinator of Sakura Science Plan Headquarters Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
  2. Dr. Raden Arthur Ario Lelono, Ph.D, Director of Directorate of Talent Management National Research and Innovation Agency Republic of Indonesia (BRIN)
  3. Dr Zurina Moktar Head of Science and Technology Division ASEAN Secretariat
  4. Mr. Hisamichi Yamazaki, First Secretary of Science and Technology Affairs the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia.

Mr. Abdul Baits Dehana (President of SAAI 2023) explains further about SAAI’s objectives:
“SAAI's activities are aimed at fostering the development of Indonesian youth and alumni from countries involved in the SAKURA Science Program, which is conducted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. These activities aim to enhance critical thinking and benefiting individuals and groups. Not only from science and technology, but also for those in the social sciences and humanities.”

Lastly, Ms. Livia adds some frank afterthoughts, “Organizing an event of this scale was demanding as it requires substantial amount of time, effort, and energy. Coordinating with various stakeholders and ensuring smooth communication can be challenging. However, it's learned through these experiences that the journey itself is as valuable as our destination.”