SSC Overview

"We are One! Sakura Science Club" is a website for mutual exchange among those who participated in the Sakura Science Program including peers from your country or friends from different parts of the world.

Sakura Science Program is organized by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) which invites youths from all countries and regions on a short span to expand interest in Japan’s cutting-edge technology and culture.

Sakura Science Club consists of program participants from the past and those who assisted in the program. For those who have not participated in the program yet and those considering participation in the future, we plan to enrich contents on this official website,

Message from the Director-General

Kishi Teruo
Sakura Science Program HQs
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

More than 33,000 talented young people have been invited to Japan through the Sakura Science program, SSP, experiencing Japan’s leading-edge science and technology as well as its culture.
The Program aims to accelerate mutual progress in science and technology with our partner countries, and promote interaction among our young people that will lead to a more interconnected and cooperative world.
SSP members are afterwards welcomed to our alumni association, the Sakura Science Club, SSC. Here we provide information so that SSC members can continue to learn about important science and technology trends, both in Japan and globally.
We are pleased to see so many voluntary activities undertaken by SSC members, such as alumni events, since these exchanges help build a strong network of personal bonds. Though the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced our opportunities for face-to-face interaction, by consciously building bonds and deepening solidarity, we can continue to take on big challenges that would be impossible to achieve alone.
I hope that each member of the Sakura Science Club can become leaders in their respective countries and regions, that will help connect the world and together lead us to a brighter future. Thank you.