SSC Overview

"We are One ! Sakura Science Club"is a website for mutual exchange among those who participated in the Sakura Science Program (Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science) including peers from your country or friends from other parts of the world, our program organizers and supporters.

Sakura Science Program is organized by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) which invites youths from Asia and Latin America on a short span for the purpose of expanding interest in science and technology.

Sakura Science Club consists of program participants from the past and those who assisted in the program. On this website's home page, we also plan to enrich its content by covering useful information/links as much as we can, for those who have not participated in the program yet and are considering participation in the near future.

My Message Upon Launch of Sakura Science Club

First of all, may I express my excitement on the commencement of Sakura Science Club.
Your stay in Japan may not have been longer than you wished for, but by becoming our member, I hope that you can nurture a long-lasting friendship among your peers and among the Japanese partners you met in the program.
I sincerely pray that exchange activities conducted through the club would benefit your future career paths.
It will be my greatest pleasure to see all of you actively pursuing careers in science and technology, be it in your country, Japan or elsewhere.

Akito Arima, Ph.D.
Chief Supervisor
Former President, University of Tokyo

Dr. Akito Arima passed away on December 6, 2020.

To Members and Friends of Sakura Science Club

Thank you very much for joining Sakura Science Club.
This Club was initially established for fun exchange among those who came to Japan on our Sakura Science Plan programs. There are about 30,000 members consisting of program participants from 2014-2019, and I predict that this number will increase even more in the future. We would like international researchers, university professors to join us for multi-faceted activities and contents.
For an enjoyable and resourceful Sakura Science Club, please feel free to post your opinions and requests so we can all create a great Club together.

Kazuki Okimura
President Emeritus
Japan Science and Technology Agency