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How do I know if my country/region has an alumni group?
You can check from the web page Alumni Activities Around the World. If you want to form an alumni group, please contact the secretariat here.
Which universities in Japan offer English degree courses in science?
You can find them here:
How can I apply for scholarship to go to Japan?
One major scholarship provided BEFORE going to Japan is the MEXT scholarship provided by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology. Please refer to the Embassy of Japan website in your country as application dates may differ according to each country. Most other scholarships must be applied for within Japan AFTER your arrive in Japan. Some scholarships require you to apply through your university.
How can I get information on studying in Japan?
The Embassy of Japan in your country often provides such information and the information is posted on the embassy website. Some Japanese embassies have education counselors, so please contact them through e-mail. You may also gain information from "Study in Japan Global Network Project" supported by JASSO (Japan Students Services Organization) or from JASSO Study in Japan Fair.
How can apply for my master's or doctorate degree in Japan?
It is OK to directly contact the professor at each graduate school through email. Professors' contact addresses are listed on the university's English language website or on his/her laboratory website. You may also use the English language contact form on the university website. Then the professor him/herself or the section in charge of international students may get back to you regarding details. At master’s or doctorate level, research would be conducted in English but still, some people find it necessary to know some Japanese in order to communicate with people in the lab.
If I want to do my bachelor's degree in Japan, do I need to be very good in Japanese?
If you are entering an English-language program, you don't have to be fluent, but basic Japanese will help you a lot with your daily life. Please note that English-language courses you can take may be limited. Some universities offer intensive Japanese language courses before you actually start enrolling, so please consult the office for international students at each university.
How can my school participate in the Sakura Science Plan (SSP) High School program?
Your country's ministry of education may help you. The ministry of education in your country selects outstanding students and separates them into several groups for coming to Japan. Then the funder of the program invites each group to Japan. The one-week high school program consists of:
- Lectures by Nobel Laureates
- Visiting excellent universities and research institutes in Japan
- Exchange opportunities with Japanese high school students
How can my university participate in Sakura Science's Open Application Program?
Since the Open Application Program must be applied through your host or the receiving organization (Japanese university, institute, or private companies) in Japan, please try to look for a potential Japanese partner through international academic meetings or any existing bilateral partnerships. The Japanese receiving organization or the host will partner up with your school/university and draft/submit the exchange proposal to the funder of this program, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). There will be multiple calls for sending in proposals during the year:
After a thorough screening, JST will award the selected receiving organization in Japan with the appropriate funds for the operational costs of the exchange program so that students in the sending country can come to Japan.
Can an SSC club member participate in another Sakura Science Plan (SSP) program again?
Is there a program to re-invite members back to Japan?
In principle, someone could participate in Sakura Science Plan (SSP) twice. e.g. Once as a high school student and later in a researcher internship. But when the person in question has already participated in a Sakura program in some way, another person who has never been to Japan before would be chosen over club members. So far there isn't a program to re-invite members but there may be alumni association and reunion events.
Can anyone become a member of Sakura Science Club (SSC)?
Unfortunately the answer is no. Sakura Science Club (SSC) is an alumni association of people who came to Japan through the Sakura Science Plan (SSP) hosted by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST): https://ssp.jst.go.jp/sns/overview/
Only people who completed the program in Japan are eligible for membership.
I lost my Certificate of Achievement given to me at the end of the program.
Can you re-issue it and send it to me?
We cannot send you the certificate printed on paper, but we can send you the pdf version via e-mail. When contacting us please include your full name as printed on your passport, country name and Sakura Science personal number (if you know).
How can I change my e-mail address registered to Sakura Science Club?
Please notify us () your wish to change and we will process it at the secretariat. We will renew your personal data before sending out the next monthly e-mail magazine.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the secretariat through HERE.
When contacting us, please include your full name, country name and Sakura Science personal number (if you know).