Results from the SAAI Grand Webinar Survey

The Grand Webinar of July 29 planned and hosted by SAAI Sakura Science Club Alumni Association in Indonesia ended in great success with 500 viewers accessing from different parts of the world. Pursuant to this Grand Webinar, Ever since Covid-19, SAAI has been actively pursuing avenues of online learning through their series titled SAAI Talk.

Using a scale of 1 to 5, SAAI has conducted a thorough survey to track down how participants evaluated the webinar. Responses for each question can be seen in the graphs below. We can say that out of 299 respondents, 280 or 93% rated the webinar between 4 to 5. 262 respondents or 87% felt that information was clearly delivered. From the survey figure and the comments section, it seemed that the duration of the Q&A session was a bit shorter than expected. Many respondents however, wished for more webinars in the future.

What do you feel after attending our session?
Is this event useful for you?
Clarity of information provided
Duration of the Webinar Speaker Presentation Session
Duration of the Question and Answer Session

In regard to impressive part(s) of the webinar, respondents commented as follows:

“When Prof. Tasuku Honjo gave advice to participants, it felt very deep”

“My favorite part was the experiment from Dr. Akira Fujishima about photocatalysis. It's really inspiring and make me want to know more about science out there”

“Topic presented by Mr. Tri Purnajaya, because he is so insightful and the topic is inspiring”

“The part of Ms. Mikiko Azuma, about how we can break through (agendas) together”

“Presentation from Ms. Rinjani Suyu. I am interested in seeking scholarship and PhD in Japan”

“My favorite part is when the alumni shared about their experiences in Japan, because I feel like I really need that information from someone who is experiencing or have experienced about studying abroad in Japan”

The SSC Secretariat in Japan wishes further success for SAAI’s future activities.