SAAI Grand Webinar Ends in Success: 500 Viewers from Around the World

With much preparation and some anticipation, SSC’s first July 29 web seminar hosted by Sakura Science Alumni Association Indonesia (SAAI) ended in immense success. Viewers were able to get motivated and enlightened through scientific talks given by Nobel Laureate Dr. Tasuku Honjo (Center for Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunobiology; Institute of Advanced Studies; Kyoto University), and Dr. Akira Fujishima (Photocatalysis International Research Center at Tokyo University of Science). Through Mr. Tri Purnajaya from the Embassy of Indonesia in Japan viewers also got to know about collaborative prospects between Indonesia and Japan. With Indonesia’s abundant natural resources, young population and strong economy, he pointed out that the two countries are particularly compatible in the development of renewable energy. Ms. Mikiko Azuma from JST also introduced ongoing collaborative research frameworks like SATREPS involving Indonesia. Ms. Rinjani Hanani Suyu from JASSO Indonesia Office gave a detailed orientation about applying to graduate schools in Japan.

image1Official poster of the webinar
image2Participants from different parts of the world gathered online

If you wish to become a scientist, Dr. Honjo stressed that you need curiosity to go deep into your research topic, and that you might have to challenge authority or fight against existing ways of thinking. He advised “to always follow your nose─something that smells good.” He encouraged viewers not to spend life like a pre-fixed schedule but to go for what you really want to do and to never give up.

Dr. Fujishima encouraged youths to enjoy science. He touched upon the importance of fundamental research by introducing viewers to his research field Photocatalysis─the oxidation-reducing and bactericidal (bacteria-killing) properties obtained from chemical reaction between sunlight and Titanium Dioxide. Photocatalysis has countless possibilities from coating of industrial/architectural surfaces to air-cleaning, medical fields, to treating drinking-water.

To conclude the webinar, three prominent SAAI members, Ms. Rini Meiarti, Ms. Dyshelly Nurkartika and Mr. Johannes Nicolaus enthusiastically briefed viewers about their actual experiences that led them to choose Japan as their destination for higher studies.

This Webinar could not have succeeded without careful planning and committed team effort by all SAAI coordinators headed by Ms. Helen Kristin. JST and the SSC secretariat wish to thank and congratulate SAAI for overcoming technical hurdles and handling admin tasks.