SSC Secretariat in Japan Compiled the Sakura Science Yearbook

This month, the secretariat is happy to present you the Sakura Science Yearbook, which features alumni coordinators from different countries. You can view its contents by clicking the cover image below. The idea of a yearbook first came up in the November 2019 coordinators’ meeting in Japan, when coordinators brainstormed on how to improve club activities with secretariat members from JST. At the time, one yearbook per country was going to be compiled so that it can be presented to members of that country during the actual alumni meeting. But with the pandemic, real on-site gatherings are put on hold.


With extra time in hand, the secretariat took the time to ask all coordinators to send in their photos and comments to compile a yearbook of a smaller scale. We hope that you can familiarize yourself with coordinators from different countries and know what they thought of the program and their future visions for club activities. A coordinator from Sri Lanka, Mr. Nimantha Mahesh Wickramage, for instance suggested “holding a meeting of coordinators representing each country to discuss future activities,” while Ms. Thin Thin Htut of Myanmar who is now in Japan said “I want this club to help alumni who are in Japan or those who intend to study or work in Japan. We should collect data of SSP Alumni as much as possible.”

Ever since Sakura Science commenced in 2014, it has grown in to a huge network of more than 30,000 members across the world. Before Covid-19, there have been alumni meetings in Singapore, Thailand, Japan (Tokyo), India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Whenever a local alumni meeting was organized, the secretariat called out for coordinators who wish to support alumni activities. May we thank all coordinators once again for your dedication!