Message from Members

FY 2021
  • Dhaneja Meegoda
    Current Affiliation :
    Kingston University
    Country/Region :
    Sri Lanka
    Name : Dhaneja Meegoda

Hi, I am Dhaneja Meegoda from Sri Lanka.

I got the opportunity to participate in the Sakura Science Program in December 2019 and it was one of the greatest opportunities and experiences of my life. It was great to be able to visit Japan and experience the Japanese education methods and the well-known culture that is unique for Japan. I was always interested in visiting Japan for my higher studies. During the program, we were able to visit various places related to advanced technology in Japan. We enjoyed the delicious local food and the accommodation provided.

We spent most of our time in the Kyushu Institute of Technology, so we had the opportunity of communicating with Japanese and International students who were currently studying at the university to share their thoughts and experience of studying in Japan.

The Sakura Science Program motivated me to focus more and improve my Japanese language skills as well as to learn more about Japan. What I have to share with all the members or new participants is that the Sakura Science Program is a great experience you get if you really love Japan and plan on continuing your career in Japan. You can experience the Japan dream for a few days and make the most out of it.

I am deeply grateful to the Sakura Science Program for organizing such programs to motivate students around the world.