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FY 2021
  • Ashok Shankar P
    Current Affiliation :
    Sri Sankara Vidyalayaa, Senior Secondary School
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    Name : Ashok Shankar P

This is Ashok Shankar P from Sri Sankara Vidyalayaa, Senior Secondary School, Karur, India.
Ours is a private CBSE school and I’m the chairperson of the school, I have a long and strong relationship with Japan.

In June 2019, through the Sakura Science Plan, I took a group of 10 students from our school to Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT), Saitama, Japan.
All the students who participated in program knew basic Japanese & they learnt a lot about the following:
- Japanese culture
- Technology: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Image-processing, etc
- Tsukuba Space Center

They also interacted with the exchange students at NIT in English and Japanese.
All the students who participated in the program were fascinated by the technology, beauty and hospitality of Japan.

I’m extremely happy to share that the following 2 students from the SSP program got admission in top universities in Japan:
2020 - Ms. Swetha Soundararajan (University of Tokyo)
2021 - Mr. Manoj Kumar (Hokkaido University)

We are expecting more students from the 2019 SSP group to join Japanese universities in the coming years.
We thank JST for the wonderful opportunity and NIT for hosting us.

We plan to apply for SSP in the coming years as the students learning Japanese language and interested to study in Japan are increasing every year.
I’m proud of our achievement and it would be nice if you publish our story in the Sakura Science Club Page.