Message from Members

FY 2020
  • Ali Md. Shuzon
    Current Affiliation :
    Okayama University
    Country/Region :
    Bangladesh (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University)
    Name : Ali Md. Shuzon

Hello Everyone, at first take my cordial greetings. I am ALI MD. SHUZON (MD. SHUZON ALI), currently works as an Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj - 8100, Bangladesh.

Now, I am a new Ph.D. student of Okayama University, Japan.

I have been trying for several years in several countries, including Japan. Even after making a very good position with 3-4 professors, it was dropped in the end!! In the meantime, I started taking IELTS courses with my colleagues (although I did not participate in the exams). Then last year I came to the conclusion that I had been working with a Japanese professor for about 6 months, I thought this time it would be mine. But the fortunes are very bad, so I dropped out. I understood everything is his game.

Suddenly, Mr. Abdullah-Al Asad (One of the former Ph.D. students of Okayama University) came to Bangladesh, my birth place. He met me in the department. Hearing about my omission, he gave me a lot of encouragement and direction. At one point in the discussion, he asked me to email his Supervisor. I thank Mr. Abdullah -Al Asad. Following this path, I attended an invitation program (a short-term training program) carried out under the framework of Sakura Science Exchange Program (Sakura Science Plan-SSP) administered by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) held throughout 17th February, 2020 – 23rd February, 2020 at Okayama University, Japan.

Before going to Japan, I discussed the research in detail with my Japanese professor, made a research proposal and finally apply to MEXT in the 2019-2020 session. However, In the 2019-2020 session, I got 3 professors from three different Japanese universities. Finally, I received the email from my respected professor (My present supervisor at Okayama University). Supervisor had written: “Dear Shuzon, the formal announcement of the MEXT scholarship has come yesterday. Congratulations that your name is there with higher priority among the recipients in Okayama university”. Actually, I was very happy to receive this email which is very difficult to explain in my language.

February 17th, 2020 to February 23rd, 2020─These seven days we were in Japan with my four students. Every day our program started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm. On the first day (February 17, 2020), Sensei gave an open discussion on various topics including learning environment, academic activities, Masters and Ph.D. programs at Okayama University. I and my students were just amazed to see everything related to the class-room, lab room. In the meantime, I met Japanese students in the lab. I tried to learn about different types of software. Japanese students told us a lot about what kind of work is done in Sensei (Professor) 's lab. Sensei's lab is awesome in one word!! Each lab is a combination of modern technology. All in all, it looks like Theory and Lab are doing a great job of chemistry here, they're looking to do something new. And the Japanese government is playing a leading role in the spread of this technology. While walking around, someone said Okayama city looks like a village in Japan. I was surprised to think that if it is a village then what about other cities in Japan??? There is no city like this village in our country. Just looking at the large installations around the multi- story buildings, only a touch of technology can be seen. In fact, the Japanese government has brought science and technology to every part of Japan. Utilizing the knowledge of these talented people, new innovations are going on in all modern labs. Technology-dependent Japan is advancing further, improving its position in the high seats of developed countries.

First of all, we give millions of thanks to the great Creator, without whose mercy nothing is possible. Secondly, I would not have been made without the sacrifices, prayers and love of my parents. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the authority of the Sakura Science Exchange Program (SSP) for their moral support during this period (7 days, 16-23 Feb, 2020).

I offer profound and sincere gratitude of my esteemed supervisor Professor Kenji Tsuruta for his willingness to select me as a faculty member of this short - term training program. In my case, Sakura Science Exchange (SSC) Program made the opportunity to the application of MEXT scholarship. I am grateful to SAKURA SCIENCE EXCHANGE AUTHORITY. Also, I would like to thank Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Thanks a lot Sakura Science Club, too. Good wishes for Sakura Science Exchange Plan (SSP). I will never forget this sweet memory.