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FY 2020
  • Xu Yixin
    Current Affiliation :
    Dalian University of Technology
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    Name : Xu Yixin

I'm Xu Yixin (徐依馨) from China. In the Japanese way to read Chinese characters, it is pronounced "Jo Ikei." The last letter in my name 馨means "fragrance," so my Japanese name is "Kaori."

After participating in the Sakura Science High School Program (SSHP) in 2014, Japan left a very good impression on me and I decided to major in Japanese Language at my university. Last year, I got admitted to graduate school with a recommendation from the university. My screening examination was exempted and now I am enrolled in the Japanese translation course. I am interested in performing arts like theater and musicals, and I have been active in a Japanese-language theater group since I was an undergraduate student. Therefore, my master’s thesis might be on the translation of scripts. However, only few plays and musicals are imported from Japan, making it difficult for me to obtain Chinese versions of the scripts.

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, face to face meetings and exchange programs are suspended, but remote meetings have become a new trend. Last December, Dalian University of Technology held a large-scale remote exchange including study abroad information sessions and study groups with partner- universities around the world. Since I work as a student assistant at the university’s International Cooperation Exchange Office, I worked hard to prepare for remote exchange programs with Japan. It was the first time for me to participate in such a virtual exchange activity. I was worried because there were many things I didn't understand. Thanks to the staff of the cooperating universities and the participating students, it was a success. In the past, I used to actively take part in the programs organized by the university’s International Cooperation Exchange Office, but at the time I was a volunteer. Now my duty as a student assistant has become more complex with additional responsibilities. I learned a lot, and I think it was a valuable experience. I will continue to do my best!