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FY 2020
  • Xamyo Noulorsaytour
    Current Affiliation :
    Seoul National University (Graduate Program in Bioanalytical Chemistry)
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    Name : Xamyo Noulorsaytour

I am Xamyo Noulorsaytour, formerly from the National University of Laos. My membership started in 2015 by visiting Nagoya University under the Sakura Science Plan (SSP) Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science. It is my honor to share my voice. I never had any expectation for studying abroad before being part of this program, due to my family background which is not able to provide a facility and just coming from the countryside. During my 10 days in Nagoya city, I very much enjoyed this short-term journey. I remember we not only did experiments in the laboratory but we also visited some factories related to the research area in the university and other modern industries and high technology. So much amazed me. Also let me touch upon Japanese culture, best foods and lifestyles. I also met many friends that I will never forget─forever.
Even though this was a short program, I gained a lot of experience. Especially, this golden opportunity inspired me and showed me a bridge to overcome the great wall of life. It nurtured a strong self-confidence and motivated me to move forward for my graduate studies. I am now a second-year master student in South Korea, Seoul National University, majoring in bioanalytical chemistry. Again, I would like to show my appreciation to both SSP and SSC. I could say the opportunity I got from you is like the sun that shed light on me and encouraged me to stand in this chapter of my academic life. Taking a PhD degree in Japan is my ultimate dream. Therefore, I will try my best to seek and apply for a scholarship after finishing my master’s study in Korea.
I chose to share this photo from the SSC program at a farewell party (first time for me to take raw fish, sushi) before leaving Japan. Finally, I hope that you all are healthy, safe and we will be strong together to fight COVID19!