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FY 2024
  • Livia Liannasari
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    University of Indonesia
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    Name : Livia Liannasari

Hello Everyone!

My name is Livia Liannasari from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am currently pursuing a degree in International Relations at the University of Indonesia. In early 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in the Sakura Science High School Student Exchange Program (SSHP), and later in December 2022, I became the main coordinator for the Event, Project, and Partnership division of the Sakura Alumni Association in Indonesia (SAAI).

During SSHP, which was conducted virtually due to the pandemic, I learned a lot about sustainable development goals and Japanese culture from my Japanese friends. Throughout the discussions, I realized how passionate I am about the UN SDGs. Therefore, when I started to be involved with SAAI, I initiated and led two projects: the 'Sakura Science Alumni SDGs Workshop' and the 'Sakura Science, Technology, and Innovation Awards (SSTIA) 2023.'

Through these two projects, I witnessed high enthusiasm from young researchers across Indonesia and internationally. The programs were conducted with the mission to provide a platform for recognizing, promoting, and appreciating their research efforts. SSTIA 2023 also highlighted the importance of international collaboration in developing science, technology, and innovation (STI). These experiences taught me that the journey itself is as valuable as the destination in achieving sustainable development goals.

My experiences in joining the SSHP program in 2022 and being involved in the SAAI coordinator team have widened my perspective on the importance of incorporating youth and creativity into our collective action for SDGs. The Sakura Science Club is the perfect platform to connect and empower Sakura Science Plan (SSP) alumni around the world. As part of the main coordinator team of SAAI, I am utterly grateful for all the support from the Japan Science and Technology Agency, JISTEC, and my lovely colleagues. Thank you for igniting my passion for development.

Sakura Science Club, We Are One!