Member's Voice

FY 2024
  • Donia Mohamed Hussien Hafez
    Current Affiliation :
    Cairo University, Faculty of Science
    Country/Region :
    Name : Donia Mohamed Hussien Hafez

Hello my name is Donia. I am a third-year student at faculty of science department of Biotechnology/Biomolecular Chemistry, Cairo University, Egypt.

I am totally happy to write this message to express how Sakura Science exchange program 2023 has influenced me. It was one of my dreams to visit Japan and this program made the dream come true. I gained invaluable experiences in research in the Experimental Pathology Lab at University of Tsukuba. I learnt from Japanese professors and students how to respect time, to be accurate in everything and to be a hard worker. This program did not only provide me scientific experiences. It provided me knowledge about one of the most attractive and unique cultures in the world which is Japanese culture. I learnt to take off my shoes before entering a restaurant or house and this is the most respectful culture I have ever learnt. I learnt about Japanese food and clothes and they took my admiration and Mochi was my favourite dessert. This program excited me to revisit Japan soon because I will still remember the nicest days I spent in Japan.

My current interests are to develop my research skills and to join another undergraduate program in Japan because Japan’s current research approaches match my specialization. So, I deeply want to join another research program for undergraduates specially in Biology or Chemistry.

One of my interests is to learn Japanese language and I am trying to learn Japanese language for beginners.

My scientific interest goes towards Stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Also watching Japanese anime and movies is one of my interest nowadays and my favourite Japanese movie is Nobita and Doraemon series.

My future goal goes towards applying for a master’s degree after graduation, specifically in the biological or chemical fields in Japan and to be a researcher. One of my goals is to be taught by my Japanese professors and to have both master’s and PhD from a Japanese university especially University of Tsukuba.

Finally I want to thank Japanese government and Sakura Science Program members for giving me such a unique and invaluable experience─to be a member of this incredible program , I wish I can revisit Japan soon for another experience and adventure.