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FY 2023
  • Yusron Fuadi
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    PT BDK
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    Name : Yusron Fuadi

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

I am Yusron Fuadi from Jakarta, Indonesia. I joined the Sakura Science High School Program (SSHP) in 2019 as a Coordinator of 15 High school and University students from Indonesia. Now, I am active in the Sakura Alumni Association in Indonesia (SAAI) as an Alumni Engagement Coordinator period 2023 - 2024.

Based on my experience during SSHP in Japan, I learned a lot of new things such as time management, public transportation facilities, public interest places like Universities, Museums, food technology and services, tourist spots, etc.

The interesting places I mentioned above made me think about applying for a position in my workplace. For example; museums in Japan are fascinating, like the Sciences Museum, a transportation museum, and the History of Japan Museum.

When I returned to Indonesia, I tried to change my workplace to be an exciting place for work by setting up a new layout in my department and creating a weekly sports program. The above things make employees happy to work, and they can maintain their health, body, and mind.

I have a good memory of when I visited The University in Tokyo. This experience made me think about learning Japanese literature for living and working in Japan in the future, as now Japan is open to Muslim people and cares about providing Halal food and praying rooms in many places.

Now, I am working at PT BDK, a private company that moves on Oil palm plantations and mills, as an HR Manager. The experience as a Coordinator in SAAI makes me feel enthusiastic to keep relationships with Japan and other countries in the future. SAAI is exploring and taking initiatives to create SSP alumni associations worldwide through the Sakura Alumni Global Meeting (SAGM).

Thank you for JST on this excellent opportunity and programs like SSHP and SSP. This will continue, and more programs like this in the future.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Yusron Fuadi