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FY 2023
  • Kraithep Sirisanwannakul
    Current Affiliation :
    TAIST-Tokyo Tech (Thailand Advanced Institute of Science and Technology-Tokyo Institute of Technology); Asian Institute of Technology
    Country/Region :
    Name : Kraithep Sirisanwannakul

I am thrilled to share my journey and aspirations as an alumnus of the Sakura Science Program (SSP). My name is Kraithep Sirisanwannakul, a Master's student in AIoT at TAIST Tokyo Tech, Asian Institute of Technology and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Thailand.

My Current Research
In my research, I am focusing on the application of nested Kalman filters for enhancing the accuracy and reliability of sensor data, particularly in agricultural environmental monitoring. This work is crucial for advancing precision in agricultural practices through innovative technology.

Future Plans
My enriching experience with the Sakura Science Program, especially the time spent at the Control System Engineering lab at Tokyo City University, has profoundly influenced my decision to pursue a PhD in Japan. The warm camaraderie in the lab and the engaging activities, such as working on PID Control for DC Servo Motors and Mobile Robots, have not only deepened my love for Japan but also solidified my aspiration to contribute to technological advancements in agriculture. My goal is to explore further the integration of AIoT in environmental monitoring, aiming to bring sustainable and efficient solutions to global agricultural challenges.

Impact of the Sakura Science Program
The program was transformative, exposing me to Japan's cutting-edge research and enriching my academic perspective. The friendships I formed and the mentorship I received have been invaluable. The program instilled in me a deep appreciation for Japan's meticulous research approach and a desire to be part of this vibrant scientific community.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Sakura Science Club. I look forward to staying connected with the community and contributing to its growth.