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FY 2023
  • Nan Aye Thazin Oo
    Current Affiliation :
    No. 1, Basic Education High School, KAWKAREIK, Kayin State, Myanmar; No. 1, Basic Education and Technical, Agricultural, Livestock High School, THATON, Mon State, Myanmar
    Country/Region :
    Name : Nan Aye Thazin Oo

I have a childhood dream of learning different languages to visit foreign countries and explore their culture, development, general features, etc. Especially I really wanted to visit Japan because of its unique characteristics, beautiful culture, distinctive vision, and incredibly advanced innovative technologies.

Me as a teenager high school student who lives in MYANMAR, I never dreamt about participating in SSHP Program with other Myanmar high school student friends and supervisors! It's the best blessing, I think.

Everything started in 2023 February. Final examination was taken and I received an invitation from my town's TEO office to compete for SSHP23 program, that was an order from the Department of Higher Education, Myanmar.

Fortunately, I got a chance to compete in the final test held by the Department of Higher Education, Myanmar. The Department is in the Capital City, Nay Pyi Taw. So, I went there and competed. Results were announced in March 20, the day after my 17th birthday. The best birthday present ever!

During preparation period for SSHP23 program, we, a whole group of people who are selected for this program in Myanmar, did a lot of collaboration, communication, and preparation. Filled the forms, did visa and passport process, joined and attended Zoom meeting for discussion. Make sure to remember the facts, do and don't expressed in the booklet.

Finally, in June, our group met outdoor at Yangon and then we flew to Japan with excited minds to attend SSHP23 Program by JST. Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar joined together with host─Japan.

From June 25 to July 1, we went and explored such places including Miraikan, JAXA, Keio University, Makuhari Senior High School, Sankeien Garden, Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum, Cyberdyne, Kamakura, JST office, etc.

Advanced and innovative technologies we explored were more than we expected and really interesting. Lecture by Professor Someya was absolutely impressive. He explained about nanotechnology, semiconductor, and E-skin (electronic skin). In Miraikan, I saw Ms. Asakawa Chieko and she became my admired role model until now. I always remember what she said: "Make impossible possible by without giving up"!

Had great times during that program and could make a lot of friends. Also got numerous information on technologies.

When arrived back, I can't stop thinking about these golden times and I do share my experiences and the things I studied.

I haven't finished my high school life and so I really want to study abroad for university. My interest is subjects dealing with foreign languages and tourism. I wish that I could have a wonderful career serving as a world tourism operator. Thus, I want to recommend you to accept students interested in subjects related to tourism, too. It can lead to positive side and scholarships for them must be also flexible with probability, I guess.

In my future, I really want to be a person who work in the global traveling community or company, and review about countries I travelled. Journey will be long but one day I will also come to Japan and want to meet with JST again, to make discussions!

I am not really sure about my future. Nevertheless, I will be in Japan again for some reason, I hope. I want to explore more!