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FY 2020
  • Wang Ding-Han
    Current Affiliation :
    National Yang-Ming University
    Country/Region :
    Name : Wang Ding-Han

Hello, my name is Ding-Han Wang, assistant professor of National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan. It is famous for research in the fields of Medicine, Life Sciences and Biotechnology. I have been to the Faculty of Dentistry at Niigata University for the Sakura Science Plan (SSP) project during my Ph.D program at National Yang-Ming University. Prof. INOUE Makoto was our host researcher during our short-term internship at Niigata University in 2018. During the time period, I visited the dysphagia research center and the hospital. I am really impressed by the research team at Niigata University. They gave us lots of suggestions for solving the research and clinical problems related to the field of dysphagia. We take these valuable experiences back to Taiwan to build the study of dysphagia at National Yang-Ming University after the SSP invitation project.

I am forever grateful to Dean MAEDA Takeyasu and Vice-Dean INOUE Makoto, and all the team members in the Faculty of Dentistry Niigata University for providing me the opportunity to visit Japan in 2018. This experience opened a new field which helped me to develop my interest in dysphagia, geriatric dental research and also get a new position as staff at National Yang-Ming University in 2019. I will keep the dysphagia research in the future. It was indeed a very unforgettable moment in my life to attend Sakura Science Plan. Hope the epidemic of COVID-19 will end soon and looking forward to seeing friends in Japan!