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FY 2020
  • Sonam Tamang
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    Tribhuvan University (Chemistry Department)
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    Name : Sonam Tamang

I, Sonam Tamang, a research student from the Chemistry Department, Tribhuvan University (Nepal), would like to joyously share some of my lifetime experiences gained from the Sakura Science Program held in January 2020 at Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan.

The Program was an awesome opportunity for me to go away from home and see the life in other side of the world in terms of social, cultural, scientific and technological blends which really boosted my knowledge. Every moment in Japan was full of new knowledge and wonderful experiences. “Success is hard work, patience, time management, determination along with luck,” I learnt from this journey.

It was indeed a very unforgettable moment in my life and all the credit goes to Assist. Prof. Jyoti Giri, who made the program a grand success along with her loving and caring guidance. I would also like to wholeheartedly thank Prof. Maruyama Takahiro, Prof. Dr. Rameshwar Adhikari, Dr. Kamal P. Sharma, JST, Prof. Maruyama’s team along with my team members.