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FY 2020
  • Balasubramanian Sambasivam
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    Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
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    Name : Balasubramanian Sambasivam

This is Balasubramanian, PhD in Energy Transitions and Sustainability from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore India. At present I am continuing in IISc as a researcher.

In December 2016, I visited Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), for a week as part of the Sakura Science visit. It was an enthralling and wonderful experience for me in Japan. To know about various facilities and opportunities in Japan, it was an excellent platform. I also visited Toyota town and met with the Government representatives there. These meetings with the city council gave me a chance to interact with local people and I feel it is a wonderful plan for knowledge transfer helping both the sides. Further, I am fortunate enough to have a glimpse of Toyota production unit which gave a first-hand experience about the work progressing in the field. Overall, it is a marvelous experience. I sincerely thank JST for providing me this excellent opportunity. Thank you very much. "Arigatōgozaimass".

The best photo moment is I am presenting the Indian experience to the Toyota city council people and Professor Fujiwara of Toyohashi University of Technology who organized this visit is on the right. Because of Professor Fujiwara I got this opportunity to visit this great country.