SAAI Supporting JASSO Indonesia Event─Report from SAAI
JASSO STUDY in JAPAN Mini Fair 2024

On the 2nd of March, our organization, SAAI (Sakura Alumni Association in Indonesia), in collaboration with JASSO Indonesia, was invited to the JASSO Study in Japan Mini Fair 2024. This event aimed to promote Indonesia-Japan collaboration and exchange opportunities, with a particular focus on addressing social issues such as youth unemployment in Indonesia. Representing SAAI at the event was our president, Abdul Baits Dehana, who actively engaged with high school students and parents interested in pursuing study or work opportunities in Japan, mainly through the Sakura Science Exchange Program.

SAAI President with high school student and parent

The event, supported by the Japan Foundation and PERSADA Indonesia, gathered various prominent partners including SAAI, supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), promoting both the Sakura Science Program (SSP) and Sakura Science Highschool Program (SSHP). These programs are unique in their approach, as they foster a culture of giving back to society through research and development initiatives, thereby addressing social issues such as unemployment among Indonesian youth. The event successfully facilitated potential collaborations and support strategies aimed at increasing the number of Indonesian students interested in studying abroad in Japan.

JASSO Indonesia and invited partners and organizations

During the event, our president had the opportunity to meet with representatives Mrs. Rinjani and Mrs. Avin from JASSO Indonesia and Ms. Watanabe Nene from JASSO Japan to strengthen existing bonds and ensure collaboration in various aspects of future events and programs. Additionally, representatives from prominent universities such as JASSO Japanese Language Education Center, Kyoto University, Hiroshima University, and others were in attendance. Furthermore, organizations including the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia (Information & Education Section), The Japan Foundation Jakarta, Association of Indonesian Alumni from Japan (PERSADA-Perhimpunan Alumni dari Jepang), and the Center for Japanese Studies at the University of Indonesia also participated.

SAAI President with JASSO representatives

These collaborations are set to be formalized through legal agreements to facilitate ongoing support and cooperation. Notably, both SAAI and JASSO Indonesia have upcoming events scheduled for November and December 2024, further demonstrating the commitment to fostering Indonesia-Japan relations and addressing social issues through education and exchange programs.