SSC Official Video and Pamphlet Now Released Online!

The secretariat in Japan and JST are proud to present the first official introduction video on the Sakura Science Club YouTube Channel. Production started a few months ago and recently wrapped up. A pamphlet (English/Japanese) to introduce SSC has also been published.

Sakura Science Club Pamphlet

Since its launch in 2014, the Sakura Science Program (SSP)has published several promotional videos and other PR materials. Until now, SSC has maintained a website and official Facebook, but there hasn’t been a promotional tool dedicated to explain what Sakura Science Club is all about, and how the network of more than 30,000 alumni is expanding across the world. This has occasionally led to people not being able to differentiate between the activities of the core SSP program and the activities related to the SSC alumni network. Our introduction video clarifies this point, and the pamphlet serves as a supplementary tool to provide QR codes to swiftly access the SNS page of each local alumni groups.

Now that the program is open to all countries and regions of the world since 2021, we believe these promotional tools will help enhance the presence of SSC to new members and those who may take part in future alumni activities. The secretariat would once like to thank all who have supported both the SSP program and SSC alumni activities.