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FY 2021
  • Mohammad Mosleuddin Sahan
    Current Affiliation :
    Government BM College, Barisal
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    Name : Mohammad Mosleuddin Sahan

Hello everyone,
I am Mohammad Mosleuddin Sahan from Bangladesh.
In April, 2018 me and my team members were selected for the Sakura Science Exchange Program. From this program I learnt a lot things especially Japanese culture, tradition, food habit, and their Technology. In a word Japan is really a beautiful country. The people of Japan are very helpful, co-operative and hospitable. "Kamakura" the traditional spot of Japan is really beautiful. If I again get chance to, I must visit this beautiful country again.

We plan to apply for the Sakura Science Exchange Program (SSP) in the coming years as the students learning Japanese language are interested to study in Japan. Such students are increasing every year. I’m proud of our achievement and it would be nice if you could publish our story in the Sakura Science Club website page.

Sakura Science Club Bangladesh