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FY 2020
  • Andi Muhammad Nur Fitrah Syamsul
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    Universitas Negeri Gorontalo
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    Name : Andi Muhammad Nur Fitrah Syamsul

Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture) is a beautiful city with mountains and trees coupled with neatly arranged buildings. I was fascinated by the city's cleanliness and the discipline of the people. It's also very soothing to see pedestrians and cyclists streaming around the city. I visited Matsuyama when it's winter and was shocked by the temperature since I never experienced this kind of season in my home country. Many things happened both good and bad. Nevertheless, it's still a memorable experience. As a physics student, visiting the science faculty made me realize the huge gap that I must surpass. It's very stressful to admit but it highly motivated me. I'm very thankful to SSP for giving me this opportunity.