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FY 2018
  • Di
    Current Affiliation :
    Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University
    Country/Region :
    People's Republic of China
    Name : Chen

How did Sakura Science Plan play a role in your study / research in Japan?

Sakura Science Plan offered a great opportunity for me to know the advanced techonolgy and Japanese culture, and the experience I got helped me fit into the research environment quickly after I came back to Japan for further study. The plan also encourage me to collaborate with local students and to be a researcher with global vision.

Please describe your comments freely related to your life in Japan.

Firstly, language is always the problem you are facing as a foreigner, especially in Japan. One should not give up learning Japanese. Secondly, keep frequent and close contact with professors. Japanese professors are often busy but always very kind, talking about research or even about life is welcome here. Thirdly, balance the time cost between study and part-time job. Though the living expense is high in Japan, try to get the scholarship if possible.

Please describe your message to people who are going to participate in this program.

Welcome to Japan, it is the right place to realize you dream.