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FY 2018
  • Supinya
    Current Affiliation :
    Nagoya University
    Country/Region :
    Kingdom of Thailand
    Name : Nijpanich

How did Sakura Science Plan play a role in your study / research in Japan?

Sakura Science Plan provided me a very nice opportunity to visit in one of the best university in Japan, Nagoya University, including many great places,i.e., Toyota museum, Science museum. Moreover, it made me meet and have a chance to visit the interesting and very great laboratory "Ichino-ken and Saito-ken" with the hospitality. Apart from the interesting research field, topics and good environmet for studying, the very kindness and friendliness of professors as well as students encouraged me to study here. After my return to Thailand, I tried to learn more about these laboratories and colleagues. Finally, I decided to contact them for asking the chance to study here under their supervision. Right now, I can pass the selection for studying as a PhD student at Nagoya University, at the impressive place that I know from Sakura Science Plan.

Please describe your comments freely related to your life in Japan.

Studying abroad is the dream of almost all doctoral students including me. However, when the dream came true, we have to prepare ourselves well before coming here. In my opinion I think that Japanese language is one of the most important factor for living in Japan. In my case, I have very basic knowledge of Japanese so I have to practice and try more for better skills. I think I am so lucky since my friends and teachers in the laboratory are kind to me. They try to speak English along while teaching me the Japanese language. In addition, they are so friendly and always helping me for inconvinient things. However, I cannot deny that sometime I feel lonely and miss my home. That is a normal feeling for every international student, I think. Because I come here with the support from my family, finding scholarship or doing a special job are important to me. I try to apply for many scholarships but I have not succeeded yet. I will try for others without feeling discouraged.

Please describe your message to people who are going to participate in this program.

If you have a chance to participate in this program, please surely believe that this is a wonderful program that will give you a new experience. Not only does it involve interesting sightseeing, but you will also meet new friends from other countries. Each country has a unique culture, language and other factors. You can exchange and learn new things from them, while you can show them yours. I certainly confirm that this program is one of the best exchange plans that you will keep it in your mind everlasting.