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FY 2018
  • Siew San
    Current Affiliation :
    Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
    Country/Region :
    Name : Tan

How did Sakura Science Plan play a role in your study / research in Japan?

Sakura Science Plan was a great experience for me, the program gave me chances to discover the Japanese Cultures and lifestyles, and the program have strengthen my thought to apply a short-term research program after this.

Please describe your comments freely related to your life in Japan.

I love my life in Japan! First, I felt grateful to have such committed, dedicated and enthusiasistic sensei to guide me in my research. I have the chances to attend symposium and conferences in Japan to gain experience. I joined badminton tournaments in the campus and know a lots of friends from other countries. I also joined a Kansai Ramblers Group for their hiking activities. I am incredibly impressed by the leadership and determination of a Japanese group leader, as he led the group for 40 years! I do have the chances to enjoy the nature and pretty view in Japan every month!

Please describe your message to people who are going to participate in this program.

Do attend activities organised by campus or society, you will have opportunities to meet new friends, to understand their cultures and they can expose you to real life experiences. Be committed, passionate and responsible in doing all your works in life.