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FY 2017
  • Arockiyasamy
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How did Sakura Science Plan play a role in your study / research in Japan?

I am so fortunate for being the member of the study abroad program in Shizuoka University Japan. During this program the Dean of Doctoral course gave us brief introduction about various scholarship and courses provided by Shizuoka University. And we visited most of the laboratories and we discussed with the professors. This experience helped me for pursuing my career in research. The exposure to the research environment gave me an intrigue and fascinating sight of science. The working here makes provides self reliance and at the same time it serves a great platform to meet researchers from different culture. The Shizuoka University provides freedom for using various instruments individually and with assistance which helps in learning devices and techniques. I got introduce to fields and analytical techniques, many of which are not covered by my course of study back in the home university and from a practical perspective. This helped me to pursue my higher education in Shizuoka University and to continue their collaboration. I am really thankful for the opportunity provided by JST.

Please describe your comments freely related to your life in Japan.

Japan is a wondrous country filled with a rich cultural heritage and many customs that are different from those in the western world. I lived in Japan for 6 months and I learned many things in both research and daily life. And the sakura Science program gave me an idea about research at Japan. In the University Professors and sensei are very kind to help me to overcome difficulties in the research. Japanese have a strong esteem and dedication towards their work. Their working style is well-organized and systematic which makes increase the accuracy and ease of doing any job. Now-a-days Japan is widely accepting the students from diverse culture for study purposes and research works.

Please describe your message to people who are going to participate in this program.

Studying abroad at will be a monumental step in realizing ones personal, academic, and career goals to the highest potential. Before going for higher studies one must experience the short term exposure to this kind of program, it gives you a lot of experience and lessons how to be more self dependent and how to survive in whole new world. In this program you will be getting a very good exposure. You will get to know about your work passion which will help in development of career. You will meet many people with diverse culture which is very rewarding to built connections.