Message from Members

FY 2017
    Current Affiliation :
    Shibaura Institute of Technology
    Country/Region :
    Republic of China
    Name : ZHENG

How did Sakura Science Plan play a role in your study / research in Japan?

As a participant of Sakura Science Plan, I was lucky to have an opportunity to visit Japan last year, which made me meet staff in SIT and brought me another chance to find a project for short-term exchange in Tokyo. I became familiar to Japanese culture and life style during that visit, and got very interested in this country and people here. After joining in SSP, I applied Sandwich Project hold by the institute receiving me in SSP, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and went back to Tokyo, studying there for half a year. During that time, I was invited to took part in the Sakura Science Club Alumni Reunion, and made acquaintance with some other members and professors, they are all excellent in their fields and helped me a lot afterwards.

Please describe your comments freely related to your life in Japan.

It's such a wonderful experience when I lived and studied in Tokyo. The staff of SIT are very nice, patient, considerate and always here to provide help anytime you need them. Professors are also kind; their lectures are vivid, interesting, and understandable; they speak English very well and patiently answer your questions in study, helping you with academic problems. I also made a lot of friends here, some of them are my schoolmates, roommates. They come from different countries all over the world, we speak different languages and get together in Tokyo for the same purpose, to learn in Japanese education system, and to live in Japanese style. My Japanese friends are quite warm-hearted, they gave me many advices in life and study, showed me around Tokyo, teached me Japanese everyweek, and took me to Mount Fuji. There are such a lovely group of people and high-quality education in Tokyo, and that makes me can't wait to go back there.

Please describe your message to people who are going to participate in this program.

If you have a chance to join us as a member of Sakura Science Plan, congraduations and please don't hesitate to seize it! You'll find this experience worthy, precious, could even change your life ahead. Take full advantages of the opportunity SSP provides you to open your eyes, and to know the best Japanese organizations, scholars, technology and Japan itself.