SSC Alumni Took Part in STS Forum 2023 and Its Young Leaders Program

5 SSC alumni who participated in the Young Leaders Program
Photo: JST

During October 1-3, 2023, the STS (Science and Technology in Society) Forum Annual Meeting was held in Kyoto. Five selected SSC alumni doing research in Japan participated in the Forum and the Forum’s pre-event, YLP (Young Leaders Program) on September 30.

To strengthen incentive to take part in SSC activities, and to boost human resource development, JST nominated remarkable SSC alumni in Japan to participate in this year’s YLP. YLP specifically provides opportunity to interact with Nobel laureates and young leaders from around the world, and allows one to participate in any of the programs held during the Forum’s Annual Meeting, and to network with leaders in science.

Below are reports sent in by five SSC alumni who attended the STS Forum and YLP:

Based in Japan, the STS Forum, was established in 2004 by OMI Koji. It is a global platform to look into the future─not only to celebrate advancement, but also to shed light on challenges. STS Forum invites knowledgeable leaders from around the world and hosts lectures, workshops and various programs throughout the year, including YLP.

STS Forum Venue – Kyoto International Conference Center