SAAI to Start Collaboration with JASSO Indonesia─Report from SAAI President

SAAI (Sakura Alumni Association in Indonesia), as a remotely run association without a secretariat, proposed cooperation with JASSO Indonesia to collaborate and utilize JASSO Indonesia's office address for administrative purposes. In addition, the goal of collaboration with JASSO Indonesia is to maintain a good relationship and mutually support each other's activities.

SAAI and JASSO Indonesia have conducted the first meeting on Tuesday, September 26th, 2023. This meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Abdul Baits Dehana (SAAI)
  • Mr. Yusron Fuadi (SAAI)
  • Mrs. Rinjani (JASSO Indonesia)
  • Mrs. Avin (JASSO Indonesia)

The meeting discussed several topics ranging from SAAI activities and possibilities of JASSO support for SAAI. Below are several concluded points of the discussion:

  • JASSO Indonesia confirmed using the office address for SAAI's administrative matters.
  • JASSO Indonesia allowed SAAI to use one of their office room for meetings.
  • SAAI proposed to create the agreement in terms of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between SAAI and JASSO for the above matters and for the next event of SAAI and JASSO Indonesia.
  • One of the following events of SAAI and JASSO Indonesia is the roadshow and introduction of SSHP and Study in Japan to high schools in Indonesia.

In this way, SAAI is continuously pursuing cooperation with JASSO and working on an MoU for long-term collaboration.