SAAI Kicks Off SSC Global Meeting─Report from SAAI President

By the end of 2023, SAAI (Sakura Alumni Association in Indonesia) came up with a new program called Sakura Alumni Global Meeting. This program encourages all Sakura alumni from all over the world to join and collaborate to strengthen good friendships between alumni. By carrying out the theme "Global Collaboration Efforts in Realizing a Transformative Sakura Alumni Association", we have goals and objectives as follows:

  • Lesson-learned sharing in conducting events.
  • Tighten bonds among alumni at the global level.
  • Create potential collaborative efforts in terms of events and campaigns for raising public awareness of particular topics.
  • Create regular support and inputs from various backgrounds and expertise from global Sakura alumni.
  • Create a medium to share current issues and challenges among the Sakura alumni global network and propose constructive solutions to overcome them.

To realize these goals, we are gradually trying to conduct the Sakura Alumni Global Meeting. SAAI successfully conducted the First Sakura Alumni Global Meeting 2023 on Sunday, September 10, 2023. The meeting started at 11.00 AM and finished at 12.15 AM Jakarta time. This first event was attended by:

  • Baits Dehana, President of SAAI (Sakura Alumni Association in Indonesia)
  • Sarawut Khamset, Deputy Chief Coordinator, Sakura Science Club Thailand
  • Aneeta Thapa, Coordinator, Sakura Science Club Nepal
  • Yusron Fuadi, SAAI Coordinator for Alumni Engagement
  • Andy Syamsul, SAAI Coordinator for Social Media

The agenda of the meeting is to discuss how to tighten friendship and cooperation among Sakura alumni across the world. The following are the key takeaways from the discussion:

  • It is agreed to have regular meetings at least once every two months to have a platform for sharing knowledge and experience.
  • The platform was established from the three countries that participated in the first meeting: Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal.
  • The next meeting will discuss event sharing and lessons learned from Nepal and Thailand.
  • The regular meeting will be conducted by SAAI coordinator while encouraging the other coordinators who haven't joined yet to participate in this initiative to foster knowledge and experience sharing, particularly for conducting events.

Following the success of the First Sakura Global Alumni Meeting, SAAI will hold the Second Sakura Alumni Global Meeting on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at 14:00 (Jakarta time), UTC+7, with the following agenda:

  • Sharing ideas and information in the activity of SAAI Talks.
  • Discussion and possibility for you to join SAAI Talks.
  • To discuss event sharing and lessons learned from Nepal and Thailand, which are from the First Sakura Alumni Global Meeting.
  • Sharing on other associations' activities and challenges encountered.

Therefore, we hope the Sakura Alumni Global Meeting will become a continuous event, and Sakura alumni members will take part in it increasingly.