Sakura Mentor

Student Life at Kwansei Gakuin University: Things I Miss After Graduation
Ha Hoang Updated in April 2021

If I could turn back the clock, here are some things I would enjoy more when I was a student.

1. University library

1.1. There are so many English books/novels than I expected

I thought that university library only offered Japanese materials. In addition, other Japanese labmates told me that they went to library just to borrow thesis/dissertation of alumni. That was why I never consider to discover the library. Once day, I went there to find some dissertations of other international alumni. By accident, I found that there were so many English books that I fancied. From that day, library was the best place in the university where I could enjoy reading famous novels like Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables...

Now, I am not a student anymore, instead of university library, I often go to city public library. One of good things in Japan I like is that you can borrow books free from city library where you live. And if you just walk in and read books there, you can enter any libraries in Japan free of charge. Apart from books or magazines, media like CD/DVDs are available too. I often see people watch well-known movies at library. Perhaps I will try it next time. However, English books in city library is not various like in university library. So if you are a bookworm and want to read English books, university library is a wonderful place you can go when you are still a student.

1.2. Electromotive shelves

I had never seen it before, and my mind was blew away when I saw it. The electromotive shelves can be opened and closed by pressing the button. In my opinion, it is very effective because it can store many books in a small space. Japan always amazed foreigners by their technology.

2. Christmas events

2.1. Projection mapping

Projection mapping was carried out against the backdrop of the clock tower in main campus of Kwansei Gakuin University. I had opportunity to enjoy the event in 2016 - the 3rd time since 2014, and unfortunately it was also the last time. The theme of clock tower projection mapping was "Christmas". It was projected for about 40 minutes with a video expressing the birth of Christ and music by the Kwansei Gakuin University student group. Everything was carried out by a volunteer student team from video production to management beyond the boundaries of science and humanities. It attracted many visitors including general public, students and university’s staffs. I hope they would continue it in the future. Sometimes I rewatched the video and amazed it so much. The recorded video can be watched here

2.2. Lighting ceremony

The event is also held at main campus, consisting of light and music, in which about 1000 people (students, staffs, local residents...) participate every year. After the Christmas tree was lit, all the participants lit candles and performed hymns. Since Kwansei Gakuin is a Christian university, I had many opportunities to enjoy events related to Christian. I will always remember the memories about it.