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Sending Your Love to the World #1: Donation from Little Things
Ha Hoang Updated in November 2022

In the past, I used to think that to donate, I need to give away a sufficient amount of money. So, depending on my budget, I always had to consider carefully when I want to donate. However, lately I found that there are many interesting ways I can donate even just from 1 yen. Hence, I don’t need to think too much before giving away, and I also can support many organizations at the same time. Let me share with you some of these ways:

1. Buy the products that include donation

You might see the word 寄付付きor 寄付金付 (means “with donation”) often in some Japanese products. As far as I know, the organization might spend a portion of products profit to charity, or the price of products will be increased (the raised price is equal to donation money). For example, Japan Post often sales stamps and new-year postcards with donation. The donation-included postcard costs 68 yen, which combines original postcard 63 yen and 5 yen donation. Have you written new-year postcard for someone in Japan? How about trying with donation-included postcards this year? These postcards will be sold out soon, so I recommend you to buy it from late October.

Donation-included new-year postcards

Another example is original goods from Chubu guide dog center, they offer a variety of products such as post-it, postcards, key holders, … with donation. Labrador plush strap is my favorite one (author photo).

2. Coins donation

In Japan, you might see donation box in many places such as supermarkets, stores, airport, streets. I don’t like to carry small changes, so donation box is the place where I can both get rid of these coins as well as donation. It is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

Photo AC: himawarin

3. Exchange points

Another way to donate money is through point. I live in Tokai area, so I use electricity from Chubu Electric Power Miraiz. They have a membership page called Katene club so people can check electricity bill online, and also earn points by answering questionnaire or playing quiz. The points can be used to pay electricity bill, to exchange for gift cards or to do charity. The charity list includes many organizations and they accept donation from just 1 point (equal to 1 yen). Some credit card companies offer similar program too. It’s so easy and convenient to donate with point, isn’t it? These are some of donation ways that I often use. Certainly, there are many other donation methods such as books charity, old clothes donation, stamps/old post-card donation, …. I am sure when you do donation in anyway, it will very meaningful for people who are in need. This world needs your love.