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Four Seasons in Japan (Part 1)
Lai Hung Wei Updated in January 2023

Konnichiwa and salam sejahtera! Recently I have been receiving several inquiries from fellow members about what to do during each season in Japan. Although different people may have different viewpoints on activities to do during each season, I have included some of my favourite things to do during these seasons!

Spring in Japan starts around March and ends around May. The symbolic scenery of spring in Japan is no doubt cherry blossom. Also known as sakura, many flower viewing events are held at various famous spots all around Japan. The best timing for viewing cherry blossoms in Tokyo is normally between late March to early April. Be aware that cherry blossoms only last for about 2 weeks after blooming so be sure to check the flower blooming forecast before you purchase your flight tickets!

Pakutaso: sushipaku
pro.foto: Nakamura Shashin Jimusho

Another popular activity during spring is known as Ichigo-gari, the hunt for strawberries. Strawberry lovers would travel to various farms in Japan during this time as it is the harvesting season for strawberries. There are many types of strawberries as well, such as tochi-otome and ama-ou, be sure to find your favourite one and eat them all up in an eat-all-you-can strawberry buffet!

Photo AC: Mapo
Photo AC: mibabu

Moving on to summer, which falls between June and August, climbing Mountain Fuji is on the must-do-list of many hikers all around Japan and the world. This 100,000-year-old volcano has been the icon of Japan for countless decades. There is even a Mountain Day, known as yama no hi, on 11th August which is a national holiday in Japan, so feel free to join the fun and take a hike on this day as well!

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If you are not a hiker, you may try other more relaxing activities such as watching fireworks events, known as hanabi-taikai. Besides being able to have a picnic with friends while watching fireworks performance, these event sites are usually filled with lots of game arcade stations and food stalls for you. Most of the fireworks events have free entry, but there are some which you can book a seat with dinner by the seaside while enjoying your exciting summer nights!

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That’s all for the introduction of activities to be done during spring and summer in Japan! I hope these gave you an idea of what to do and see you again next issue for more activities during autumn and winter!