My Way to Japan

The Process of MEXT (Embassy Recommended) in Myanmar
May Myat Noe Updated in JULY 2024

Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Applied Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Area, Polymer Materials Chemistry, Uyama Laboratory

大阪大学大学院工学研究科応用化学専攻 高分子材料化学領域 宇山研究室

Field of research: Nanotechnology/Materials (Polymer chemistry)

How are you all doing? I wish you the best in your scholarship application journey. I’m May Myat Noe, currently studying as a graduate student at Osaka University.

Here, I would love to share how my graduate studies began. To make a long story short, I came to Kansai University in 2015 by the support of Sakura Science Program. I was impressed by the way the students were studying on the beautiful campus, and I decided to continue my further studies in Japan.

Those days were sweaty but golden memories. In Myanmar, to apply MEXT (Research Students Program) through Embassy Recommendation, we had to go through five steps. The application opens with a document screening. After that, if the applicant meets all criteria, he or she can take the first exam held by MAJA (Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni). The exam for the research section mainly checked English and Japanese language proficiency. I think that out of hundreds of applicants, only 30-40% of students were able to pass and move on to the next interview. Applicants were mainly asked about themselves, their research plans, their knowledge of research, and their connection to Japan. Therefore, this step is one of the main stages that shows the possibility of winning the MEXT scholarship. Applicants who passed the MAJA interview were asked to take a written test at Japanese Embassy in Myanmar and the next step was a final interview there. Then, the successful applicants can start contacting professors in Japan and get accepted by the university. The other procedure after that is just to enroll into each university, which varies.

Good Luck! In next column, I will share how I prepared to win…