My Way to Japan

Job-Hunting and Choosing Company
Ha Hoang Updated in December 2023

The job hunt season started from around end February to June. It was a short period, so I knew that I had to take many opportunities as possible. After attending some big job fairs, I chose a few potential companies. Then I used “mynavi” portal to search for more companies that were in the same field. Although it was in Japanese and difficult to use at first, I found it was a useful tool to reach more companies. After listing all potential companies, I divided them into 3 categories by the order: (a) companies that were related to my major and I was interested in, (b) companies that were related to my major but I was not interested in, (c) companies that were not related to my major but I thought I could work well there. Because category (a) was my main target, I applied document and did entry tests for (b) (c) first to practice. Moreover, I also had interviews with (b) (c) first, and from that I learnt and prepared better for (a). Many companies offer application through both their own website and job search platform like “mynavi.” In that case, I prioritized to apply directly to each company’s website.

All companies that I passed 1st interview offered me to take a tour to their companies. During that tour, I understood about working environment better, and also had chances to talk with current employees there. From that, I was able to determine which company suited me. My 2nd interview was to present my research work at school. Some companies required one A4 page of summary. Others did not mention, so I prepared 2 set of materials: one A4 page of summary, and around 10 pages of powerpoint slides. Most companies asked me deeply about my research skills like experiment preparation and data analysis. Only one company did not, their interviewer gave me comments and suggestions to improve my work instead. I was surprised and had a good impression of that company. I felt like if I worked at their company, they would support and train me well.

After passing 2nd interview and before going to a final interview, I was asked if I wanted to use a recommendation letter from school. I had explained about the recommendation letter in my previous article Since I already had a good impression of one company and wanted to join them, I discussed with my professor and both of us agreed that I would use the recommendation letter for that company. My school only could provide maximum 3 letters for students who wanted the letter for that company. I had heard that there was a total of 4 or 5 students who requested the letter, but luckily, I was chosen and got one.

At the final interview, I brought the recommendation letter and a work proposal with me. The work proposal was not required. During the tour at that company, I was introduced to some of their research, and I suddenly had an idea of a new design for chip bonding to reduce package size. I proposed that plan just like the way the interviewer at 2nd round did for my work. And right after the interview ended, I got a congratulation from an interviewer─that I got their job offer. I felt so happy after such a long journey of job- hunting. Although I still had interviews with other companies, I contacted them all to withdraw. There is no meaning for getting another job offer since I used the recommendation letter from school. Even now, I don’t feel any regret to use the recommendation letter. However, I would recommend everyone to get all job offers first, then pick one and submit the recommendation letter. It would be a smarter choice.