Introducing Six Prominent Young Scholars Who Received the Japan Academy Medal - 4 out of 6 Recipients are Researchers in Science Updated in March 2019

The Japan Academy awarded the 15th (FY 2018) Japan Academy Medal to 6 young prominent scholars and researchers. The ceremony was held at the Japan Academy in Tokyo on February 7. Certificates and research incentives of 1.1 million yen were awarded accordingly. Names and research fields are as follows:

Masami OUCHI (age 42) Associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research
Field: Galactic Astronomy
Subject: Observational Study of the Early Universe Using the Lyman-alpha Emitter

Keisuke GODA (age 44) Professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science Field: Optical Science; Quantum Science; Bio-Photonics
Subject: Development of Ultrafast Imaging Methods and Spectroscopy and Applications to Basic Science, Industry and Medicine

Fuhito KOJIMA (age 39) Associate Professor at Stanford University, Department of Economics
Field: Game Theory; Matching Theory; Market Design
Subject: Extending the Applicability of Matching Theory or Market Design Theory to Reality

Takanori TAKEBE (age 32) Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Research Institute; Associate Director, Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Assistant Professor, Division of Gastroenterology and Division of Developmental Biology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center; Special Professor, Yokohama City University Advanced Medical Research Center; Director, Yokohama City University Communication Design Center; Principal Investigator, T-CiRA Joint Program
Field: Stem Cell Biology; Regenerative Medicine, Communication Design Studies
Subject: Exploring Human Organ Development and Regeneration by Using Pluripotent Stem Cells

Toshihiko TAKEMURA (age 44) Professor at Kyushu University Research Institute for Applied Mechanics
Field: Climate Change; Atmospheric Environment
Subject: Development of the Aerosol Climate Model and Application to Research in Atmospheric Environment such as Climate Change, Prediction of Yellow Sand/PM2.5 Distribution

Yoshifumi YASUOKA (age 38) Research Fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Field: History of Ancient Mediterranean Art
Subject: Chronological History and Architectural Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Columns

Masami Ouchi / Keisuke Goda / Fuhito Kojima

Takanori Takebe / Toshihiko Takemura / Yoshifumi Yasuoka

(All photos provided by the Japan Academy)