2023 Activity Report Group 6 : (University) Chuo University Senior High School

SAKURA SCIENCE High School Program Group 6

Visit to the Chuo University Senior High School

On Tuesday, November 7, 110 high school students and supervisors from six countries, including India, China, Cyprus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, visited the Chuo University Senior High School (Koganei City, Tokyo) as SSHP Group 6. In addition to interacting with the students at that school and experiencing Japanese culture, the SSHP students attended a special lecture by a leading photocatalyst named Dr. Akira Fujishima. He is Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University of Science.

Activity Report Photo 1

At the opening ceremony, after the video of the tea ceremony club and the introduction to the high school was shown, a quiz was held for the group to guess the name of the country, and the like using photos as hints. It was exciting to discuss and cooperate with each other across country borders. At the award ceremony after the answers were given, the top five groups were given Japanese sweets.

Activity Report Photo 2
A Discussion During the Quiz
Activity Report Photo 3
Quiz-winning Team

After experiencing the old Japanese pastimes such as Hanetsuki, Kendama, and Koma (spinning top) together, the students held a debate. They took on the scientific propositions of which came first, the chicken or the egg, and why? Are humans evolving? Are they devolving? After they gave opinions from a variety of perspectives, the other groups of students who were listening judged which team was the winner. The winning team basked in the cheers from their peers.

Activity Report Photo 4
Experience Japan's Ancient Pasttime (Kendama)
Activity Report Photo 5
Japan's Ancient Pastime (Spinning Koma)
Activity Report Photo 6
A View of the Scientific Debate (1)
Activity Report Photo 7
A View of the Scientific Debate (2)

Lastly, Dr. Fujishima, Distinguished Professor, Tokyo University of Science, gave a special lecture in the lecture hall. Not only did the lecture make it easy to understand the diverse applications and possibilities of photocatalysis, but he also spoke enthusiastically to the international high school students about the importance of repeated verification through experimentation and carbon recycling, which leads to the reduction of CO2, a big problem for mankind. After the lecture, the international high school students asked one question after another. He answered and explained issues such as utilization of by-products, cost-related problems, and difficulties in stability as a compound of CO2. One high school student said "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with you and talk to you in person."

Activity Report Photo 8
Dr. Fujishima Akira

Lastly, the students walked around the campus observing various club activities after school. The Cypriot student who delivered the representative's greeting at the closing ceremony said: "It has been an unforgettable day for us all."

Activity Report Photo 9
The Campus
Activity Report Photo 10
Cypriot High School Student Speaking at Closing Ceremony
Activity Report Photo 11
Faculty Members Also Interacted With Each Other During Lunchtime