2023 Activity Report Group 4 : (University) Kyoto University

SAKURA SCIENCE High School Program Group 4

Experience Cutting-edge Research at Kyoto University

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 13, high school students from India, Mongolia, and the Solomon Islands visited Kyoto University. The group walked into the traditional school building, looking at the clock tower, which has been a symbol of Kyoto University for nearly 80 years, and the large camphor tree standing nearby. At an introduction to the university, the students heard and explanation of the significance of learning in an environment where the culture and tradition of "Kyoto" and advanced science and technology are harmonious. Furthermore, it was emphasized that Kyoto University is a university that places special emphasis on research.

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In the introduction of the [Kyoto iPU (International Undergraduate Program)], the university carefully explained that it accepts excellent undergraduate students from abroad, and described the application method, selection method, and scholarship system. Furthermore, the International Course Program of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering was introduced, where students can learn together students from different cultures and backgrounds and acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills in geoengineering all in English. Next, there are students from India and Mongolia who are actually studying as iPU students. After listening carefully to speeches about student life at Kyoto University, questions were quickly raised quite specifically, such as "when do you start preparing for admission?" and the like. There is no doubt that Senpai (upper-classmen) of the international students studying at Kyoto University, were a dazzling presence for them.

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Left: International Student from India Right: International Student from Mongolia
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High School Students Asking Questions

After that, the students were divided into three groups and they visited the laboratories of Associate Professor Yoshimura Narihiro, Associate Professor Okumura Hideyuki, and Associate Professor Kawayama Iwao. There, the students were able to experience cutting-edge research sites at each laboratory. This was a unique opportunity for the high school students who are aspiring to become researchers in the future. In each group, the teachers were repeatedly asked questions until there was no more time.

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Finally, after hearing a lecture given by Dr. Sugiura Kunimasa, a professor in the Department of Urban Social Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering about the seismic isolation structure of the Kyoto University Centennial Clock Tower Hall, the students put on helmets and went underground. They actually visited the seismic isolation structure and the seismic isolation deformation record version. High school students who are fascinated by research fields where they can learn from past natural disasters and circumvent damage in advance using the power of science and technology. Also, it was impressive to see researcher Sato Akihiko, who was in charge of the explanation, being faced with so many questions.

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In the limited time, The high school students' curiosity was stimulated to the fullest by experiencing various cutting-edge technologies.I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the professors and researchers who responded gently to the students' unending questions.

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