2022 Activity Report vol.19:Kagoshima University

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2022 vol.19 (Course A)

Asian medical science linked through cutting−edge dental materials

Report from Kagoshima University

 An exchange program supported by Sakura Science program was opened at Kagoshima University (KU) from January 23rd to 28th, 2023. Four dental students from Kyung−Hee University (KHU, the Republic of South Korea) with faculty level−academic exchange agreement were invited. In this program, they participate in clinical training and lectures with KU dental students. In addition, they visited the two global companies in Kyoto that develop, manufacture, and sell dental materials and equipment.

[Jan 23rd]

 The dental students from South Korea arrived at KU and attended to an opening ceremony with KU faculty members. They re−explained the program schedule of this program, which we had already explained by online meeting in advance and it has not been changed. After that, they toured around the KU Sakuragaoka campus and hospital.

[Jan 24th]

 First period: The KHU students participated in "Global Healthcare Providers Ⅲ" and joined a group discussion in English with year−4−dental students concerning solutions to the issue of Amish and mouthguards. We believe that the active communication between KHU and KU dental students got a deeper understanding of cultural/strategic diversity from this experience.

 Second period: They visited the orthodontic section in KU university hospital with year−6−dental students, learning about diagnosis in orthodontic treatment.

 Third−fourth period: They participated in the basic training of restorative dentistry for year−3−dental students. They experienced cavity preparation (drilling teeth) and discussions about the case of restorative treatment.

 We believe that KHU students' activities with KU students this day enhanced the students' understanding of the similarities and differences in dentistry in Japan and South Korea.

Activity Report Photo 1
Participating in clinical training for restorative dentistry, cavity preparation.

[Jan 25th]

 The program schedule was changed due to heavy snow, and the transportations ran off−schedule. We arrived in Kyoto safely several hours later from the original schedule.

[Jan 26th]

 The KHU students visited two global companies in Kyoto, Shofu Inc. and J. MORITA MFG. CORP, that develop, manufacture, and sell dental materials and equipment. They took a lecture on biomaterial of dentistry that support increased tooth life in Shofu Inc. and saw the process of creating the latest units for dentistry in J. MORITA MFG. We believe that experiential learning increased their understanding of the field of dental materials, made them aware of the differences to South Korea, and further strengthened their interest in dental science in Japan.

Activity Report Photo 2
Visiting to J. MORITA MFG. CORP.

[Jan 27th]

 The KHU students took a lecture about cutting−edge research by Dr. Tamatsu at KU and had Q and A session/discussions. After that, they and our International Student Exchange Committee members who generated this program discussed this program; they mentioned that they would like to return to Japan and get involved in research or clinic of dentistry, and it is thought that the implementation of this plan has led to further expansion of exchanges with academic exchange partner universities and the development of dentistry/a joint research.
 Finally, they received a certificate of completion from the Chair of the Board of Education and this program was closed.

Activity Report Photo 3
Ceremonial photograph (after completion of the program)

[Jan 28th]

 They left Kagoshima and returned to South Korea safely.

 We were grateful to everyone who worked with International Student Exchange Committee members to conduct this program, including the university teaching staff, students, and administrative staff. We once again thank the Sakura Science Program, which supported this program.