2022 Activity Report vol.10:University of Fukui

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2022 vol.10 (Course A)

Students and Young Teachers from Vietnam Study Nuclear Engineering at the University of Fukui

Report from University of Fukui

 University of Fukui has been inviting students and young faculty members from Vietnam under this program since 2014. We have maintained and developed our relationship with Vietnam through online exchange meetings in the past two years, due to COVID−19. This year we increased the number of participants to sixteen from six universities and research institutes in order to introduce Japanese culture and learning at the University of Fukui to more institutions and participants. This program aimed at giving the sixteen participants opportunities to have a nuclear education centered on the Tsuruga campus of University of Fukui, and experience the sites of nuclear power−related facilities in the Reinan region of Fukui Prefecture, as well as future study opportunities. The following is a summary of what we did during the program.

 On October 23, they met with a faculty member of the University of Fukui at Kansai International Airport, and arrived at Tsuruga campus by bus. They took a walk around the shopping streets and Kehi Shrine near the hotel, and the center of Tsuruga City.

 The opening ceremony was held on the morning of October 24 at Tsuruga Campus. In this ceremony, we introduced the University of Fukui, explained the history of this program, and gave a special lecture on "Seismology and Nuclear Disaster Countermeasures." In the afternoon, a group discussion was held by mixed teams of Japanese and Vietnamese students, and each group gave a presentation on the similarities and differences in culture and technology in each country, as well as what is needed to achieve a sustainable society. This was a project proposed by students in Vietnam at the online exchange meeting last year. It was an active discussion to deepen mutual understanding.

Activity Report Photo 1
Group discussion in Vietnamese and Japanese mixed teams

 On the morning of October 25, we conducted a radiation measurement as a basic experiment on nuclear power. The Vietnamese participants actively communicated with each other until they were satisfied with the results, which was very impressive. In the afternoon, they visited the Fukui Prefectural Environmental Radiation Research and Monitoring Center in Tsuruga City, where they learned about radiation monitoring around nuclear power plants in Fukui Prefecture and within the prefecture.

Activity Report Photo 2
Active discussion during radiation measurement experiments

 On the morning of October 26, they visited the Kansai Electric Power Mihama Nuclear Power Station, where they heard explanations on the mechanism of nuclear power generation and safety measures. Since there are no nuclear power plants in operation in Vietnam as of 2022, it is very meaningful to be able to see the nuclear power plants in operation. In the afternoon, they visited Tsuruga High School of Fukui Prefecture and interacted with about 20 second−year students. In the first half of the program, the participants introduced themselves to each other, and then experienced traditional Japanese games such as Kendama, Koma, Ayatori, and Otedama. It was impressive to see the participants actively interacting with the high school students. In the second half, they conducted experiments using radiation measuring instruments, and had discussions while deepening exchanges between the both sides.

Activity Report Photo 3
Interacting with high school students using traditional Japanese toys

 On the morning of October 27, the final day of the program in Fukui, they visited the Bunkyo Campus in Fukui City. The students enjoyed a panoramic view of Fukui City from the high−rise building of the university, followed by a tour of the Language Development Center in the University Library and a Japanese−style room in the on−campus dormitory for international students. A staff member of the International Affairs Division then gave guidance on studying in Japan, and an exchange student from Vietnam, enrolled in University of Fukui, introduced daily life in Japan. Finally, they had a closing ceremony and received certificates of completion. Afterward, they moved to their accommodations near Kansai International Airport by shuttle bus, and returned safely to Vietnam on the following day.

 After an interval of three years, we were finally able to hold the program with more participants than before, and we feel that our relationship has been strengthened even more. We hope that as many invitees as possible will become interested in Japan and University of Fukui, and seeds of exchanges will grow in the future through this program.

Activity Report Photo 4
Group photo at Bunkyo Campus, University of Fukui