2021 Activity Report vol.8:Nihon Institute of Medical Science

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2021 vol.8 (Online)

Online Exchange with Dong Nai Technology University in Vietnam

Report from the Center for International Research and Education,
Nihon Institute of Medical Science

On Friday, November 5, 2021, we held an online exchange with Dong Nai Technology University, Vietnam, which is a partner school of our university. 57 fourth-year nursing students taking international nursing theory courses from the Nihon Institute of Medical Science, and 36 first-year nursing students from Dong Nai Technology University participated in the exchange using Zoom. We held presentations and exchanged opinions on the subject of nursing at both schools, practical rooms and hospital internships. There were many Vietnamese students who were interested in coming to Japan for further education and employment, and they seemed to be quite interested in the national examination for nurses in Japan which is not available in Vietnam. Conversely, Japanese students were surprised by the length of the internship period in Vietnam and the night-time internships, and they were very interested in the university life of nursing students in Vietnam.

Through presentations and Q&A, we received feedback from both students that they had discovered similarities and differences in the master's courses in nursing in Vietnam and Japan, and that they had become more interested in nursing again. They were also inspired by students who shared the same dream, and said that they would love to visit each other's countries and actually meet each other in person.

Exchange at the University
Presentation by Dong Nai Technology University

Continuing from last year, we were unable to interact directly because of the impact of the pandemic, but because it was an online exchange, many students were able to participate. This exchange meeting was a good opportunity to maintain ties with a partner school even under the circumstances, and to lead to the revitalization of exchanges in the future.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Sakura Science Exchange Program and the many people who supported this program.