2021 Activity Report vol.7:Hiroshima University

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2021 vol.7 (Online)

International Autumn School 2021

Report from the School of Applied Biological Science at Hiroshima University

The School of Applied Biological Science at Hiroshima University hosted the International Autumn School from October 14 to November 3, 2021, with support from the Sakura Science Exchange Program. This year, students from the National University of San Marcos (Peru), the Sultan Zainal Abidin University (Malaysia), the University of San Carlos (Philippines), and the National Chiayi University (Taiwan) participated in the event.

The event has been held yearly since 2008, but last year the plan was canceled due to the new coronavirus pandemic, and it was feared that it would be canceled again this year (2021), so it was decided to hold the 13th edition as an online event for the first time.

The theme of the "International Symposium on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" was an opportunity to revitalize international exchanges and launch collaborative research.

On the first day, we held an orientation where we gave an introduction to the university host faculty and participating university faculty, as well as an orientation session regarding studying abroad. One representative of each of the nationally and privately paid international students studying at this university gave a presentation. They described Hiroshima and the living environment from a student's perspective. There was active interaction with the participants in the question-and-answer session.


On the second day, we conducted an international symposium. Five faculty members from participating universities and one faculty member from our university presented their efforts to achieve the SDGs in their respective countries, how they have been contributing, and what challenges they face. We deepened the discussion through Q&A.

The International Symposium

In addition to these two days, we also held two other online program works. On October 22, we conducted an online program "Genetics and Biotechnology of Economic Marine Resources" with the National University of San Marcos in Peru to discuss the use of genetic methods to understand the biology of commercially important marine resources in Japan and Peru. Also, on November 3, we conducted an online program "Identification of crustacean species inhabiting the Seto Inland Sea and Bungo Channel " with the National Chiayi University in Taiwan, and simultaneously observed crustaceans obtained during a research voyage on the training vessel Toyoshio Maru using an online meeting system. We then observed and identified crustaceans using illustrated reference books prepared in advance by both parties. Crustacean biology experts were assigned to both universities, and students from both universities were taught at the same time.

Online Program Works

In the two program works, we were able to deepen international exchange of students centered on science, not only to improve motivation for studying abroad, but also to contribute to the development of joint research with the help of faculty members.

Although it took place online this year, we welcomed more attendees and shared a fruitful period, and successfully completed the 2021 International Autumn School.