2021 Activity Report vol.4:Okayama University

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2021 vol.4 (Online)

High school-university connectivity project for Japan and Malaysia aiming to attain SDGs

Report from Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University

On September 15-17, the Faculty of Engineering at Okayama University held an international high school and university collaboration project online the type of which has never been seen. A total of 175 university students and faculty members participated in the project, including Malaysian university students and faculty members, second-year students and faculty members in the science and mathematics departments of Okayama Prefectural Okayama Ichinomiya High School, and students, graduate students, and faculty members from our university. Prior to the opening ceremony, after an opening greeting by Suga Seiji Director of the Engineering Department, Umeda Kazuo, Principal of Okayama Ichinomiya High School, and Puan Norbahyah Abdul Rahman, Director of INTEC Education College, Malaysia, also gave support to the International High-tech Cooperation Project. After a lecture on material chemistry given by Professor Osaka Akiyoshi from the Faculty of Engineering, we shared the "learning" that is unique to online by introducing research conducted by Professor Sakakura Akira at the Faculty of Engineering, and a formula sponsored by Professor Kawahara Nobuyuki and the like via video (i PLANNING KOHWA Co., Ltd. Produced by Yoshiyuki Fumio and photographed by Shimizu Takeo).

Seminar (2nd column from left, top: Nakamura technical specialist;
top of right-hand row: Professor Abdul Halim Mamat, INTEC Education College)

Six people (Lim, Aliff, Calvin, Duncan, Aqilah, Atirah) second-year students from INTEC Education College also gave an introduction on Malaysian cultural customs. High school and university students asked questions and had a very fulfilling time.

In addition, a demonstration experiment on the "creation of bath additives" was also conducted in English by 11 students (Ishizaki, Kajita, Goto, Sasaki, Shirazawa, Kaku, Tani, Tanekiyo, Tsugano, Nakamori, and Murai) of the second year of the math and science department at Ichinomiya High School (Experiment cooperation: Faculty of Engineering, Professor Goto Kuniaki and technical expert Yoneda Mika). By sending an experiment kit to Malaysia in advance and devising ways to enable simultaneous experiments remotely from each home, we were able to safely proceed with experiments while confirming in real time. Descriptions of the experiment were also given by the high school students, the Faculty of Engineering and the technical expert Nakamura Yuri. Mutual understanding was deepened through the operation of the Katayama Tadashi, Director of Ichinomiya High School math and science department, and Arioka Keisuke, Director of the SSH Strategy Office.

This was broadcast on September 23-26 on Okayama's cable television channel Oni Vision. It is also released on the website and Facebook of the Okayama Prefectural Board of Education.

Among the participants, Hariyani Madon, a graduate of Okayama University and a member of the Malaysian branch of the International Alumni Association, said, "I am happy that high school students and university students can share chemical experiments and learning beyond national borders. I want to continue the good relationship in the future."

Prior to implementation, on July 29, we made a courtesy call to President Makino Hirofumi of Okayama University, and gave a demonstration experiment on creating a bath additive in English at a press conference at the university.

We will continue to promote sustainable international exchange activities through international webinars, and other means, taking into account the "bond" that we have received through the Sakura Science Exchange Program.

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11 second-year students from the Math and Science Department, Okayama Prefectural Okayama Ichinomiya High School came to our university, and gave a courtesy call to President Makino.


Implemented international high school-university collaboration project for Japan and Malaysia aiming to attain SDGs

Portion of the Presentation by INTEC Education College, Malaysia (Features of the Malaysian Language)
Students at Okayama Ichinomiya High School Simultaneously Conducting Experiments Online
11 Second-year of the Math and Science Department at Okayama Ichinomiya High School Who Conducted a Demonstration Experiment in English