2020 Activity Report vol.11:Kyushu University

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2020 vol.11 (Online)

Building the Foundation and Future Design of an International Remote Medical Training Program Centered on Medical-Industrial Collaboration

Report from the Telemedicine Development Center of Asia,
International Medical Department, Kyushu University Hospital

For 21 days from February 7, 2021, the Telemedicine Development Center of Asia of International Medical Department at Kyushu University Hospital planned to invite 12 excellent young people (including two supervisors) from five Asian countries to conduct training at a medical institution based at Kyushu University in order to build the foundation and future design of an international remote medical training program centered on medical-industrial collaboration. However, the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide forcing the university to side-line that plan.

Therefore, for the purpose of maximizing the effect of an exchange when implementing next year's invitations, on February 2, the university decided to hold an online exchange conference that will connect all the facilities we had scheduled for invitations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Bhutan, and Fiji.

The program is shown below.

13:00-13:05 Opening Remarks Kyushu University Hospital
13:05-13:15 Fiji Fiji National University
13:15-13:25 Bhutan Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan,
Central Regional Medical Hospital,
Ministry of Information and Communications
13:25-13:35 Mongolia Mongolian-Japan Training Hospital, Attached to the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences
13:35-13:45 Kyrgyzstan National Cardiovascular Disease Center
13:45-13:55 Kazakhstan National Cancer Research Center
13:55-14:05 Program Overview Kyushu University Hospital
14:05-14:25 Discussion  
14:25-14:30 Closing Remarks Kyushu University Hospital


Physicians and technical researchers from each country were asked to give a presentation on the current status of medical care in their respective country, and information communication at each facility for approximately 10 minutes. And we have provided an overview of the next year's program. This was a meaningful time to deepen our mutual understanding.

We felt that the great significance of this training was to make it possible to ask for opinions and requests about the training content, and that all facilities were securely connected, and presentations were successfully offered.

When we conducted a survey after the online exchange, we received responses from everyone. We were able to get the general opinion that the program was good, and we heard that everyone was looking forward to being invited to participate in next year’s program.

While were taken by surprise because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are deeply grateful to the Japan Science and Technology Agency for putting this online program together so quickly. both our university and prospective invitees look forward to the implementation of next year's program.

Telemedicine Development Center of Asia

View of the Online Exchange

View of the online exchange meeting connecting five countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Bhutan, and Fiji. We were able to connect to all the facilities safely.

Participants wore a mask until just before because of the coronavirus pandemic, and we could see countermeasures against the infection were complete.

Participants participated individually from Bhutan, where the lock-down caused by the coronavirus pandemic has continued. They wore a mask with the Bhutanese men's folk costume called "Go.” We could see the characteristics of Bhutan.

View of the Online Exchange (Bhutan: Mr. Karma Jamyang)

Ms. Ainur Agitayeva, a technical researcher who urgently became a participant from Kazakhstan, also gave a wonderful presentation with six images. This allowed everyone to understand the current situation in Kazakhstan.

View after the Online Exchange Meeting (Kazakhstan)

In Fiji, a last-minute cyclone interrupted some Internet and electrical services. As a result, the technical researcher was suddenly absent, and only the physician participated.

View During Online Exchange (Physician in Fiji)