2020 Activity Report vol.7:Nagoya Institute of Technology

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2020 vol.7 (Online)

Online exchange with Indian Institutes of Technology

Report from the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology

An online exchange meeting of the Sakura Science Exchange Program was conducted between Nagoya Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur campus on December 1-17, 2020. This online exchange can be expected to lead to future collaborative research activities for the research and development of new materials designed for applications such as solar cells, photo-catalysts, hydrogen generation, and energy storage devices and the like.

Firstly, we introduced the universities of Nagoya Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology, Karagpur campus, and then described each other’s initiatives and research topics. In addition, we successfully created new materials at Nagoya Institute of Technology, and measured samples at Nagoya Institute of Technology and Chubu University. Furthermore, we held an online discussion regarding the materials that were produced and the results of the measurements.

In the experiment this time, we successfully created a material with a new structure of heteroatom-doped graphene containing sulphides and oxides, which can be applied to energy-related devices. Furthermore, we held a discussion regarding the potential of chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma processes, and thin film growth technology for the synthesis of materials that can be applied to such energy-related devices through our online exchange.

In 2020, we were unfortunately unable to receive invitees from India because of the coronavirus. However, this time, we were given the opportunity to have an online exchange meeting, and were able to introduce both universities, and conduct research, and the like before an actual invitation. We had meaningful discussions with the Indian Institute of Technology, Karagpur campus. We are deeply grateful for that. In addition, when entry restrictions are lifted in the future, and we can actually accept invitees from India, we would like to utilize such online exchanges to develop our joint research.

Online exchange meeting between the Sakura Science Exchange Program of Nagoya Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur campus