2020 Activity Report vol.3:Hiroshima International University

Activity Report of Open Application Program 2020 vol.3 (Online)

Implementation of online exchange with Semey Medical University, Republic of Kazakhstan

Report from Ohchi Municipal Hospital (Department of Health Services Management, Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences, Hiroshima International University)

On December 11, 2020, with the support of the Sakura Science Program, an online conference was held on for the purpose of sharing and developing medical technology with Semey Medical University in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has been engaged in international exchanges for some time.

Four surgical graduate students and two instructors from Semey Medical University participated. Furthermore, from Japan, Dr. Hoshi Masaharu, Professor Emeritus of Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, Hiroshima University, and Dr. Noso Yoshihiro, Ohchi-gun Municipal Hospital Association, Ohchi Municipal Hospital Surgery Counselor and Professor of Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences, Hiroshima International University also participated. The four surgical graduate students who participated in the online conference came to Japan three years ago with the assistance of Sakura Science and completed three weeks of surgical training.

The purpose of this online conference was to continue international exchanges with international students. Two themes were submitted and shared by the Japanese side. (In the future, we plan to use this online system to deliver presentations on both sides.)

At the online conference, Dr. Hoshi first distributed a video explaining experimental pathology using animal models for research to elucidate nuclear exposure health disorders. They have also provided guidance to be prepared for medical research. We hope that new research will be initiated by them.

Next, Dr. Noso explained a surgical technique using a video relating to laparoscopic surgery for inguinal hernias. If possible, we would like them to practice this procedure in Kazakhstan in the future.

We were concerned about continuing international exchanges because of the negative effects of the global pandemic from the coronavirus, but with the support of JST Sakura Science, we were able to implement an online exchange. I think that in the future, such online exchanges can become one of the more effective means of international exchanges depending on ingenuity.

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Online Conference Poster
Online Student Participants from Semey Medical University Graduate
Real-time Interactions in the Online system
Description of Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery Video Explanatory View
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