2018 Activity Report vol.16:Nagasaki Nishi High School

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.16

Science and Technology Exchange Program with Vietnam Viet Doc high school, Hanoi-Amsterdam high school students

Report from Nagasaki Nishi High School

Five students and one supervisor from Viet Doc high school in Vietnam, and five students and one supervisor from Hanoi-Amsterdam high school were invited, through the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, on a schedule from August 24th to September 2nd, 2018 for a science and technology exchange program.

State of classroom observation

Science skill competition 1 [Clip motor competition] (Electrical Engineering)

Create a clip motor, measure the time per revolution with a high-speed camera, and compete for rotational speed.

Science skill competition 2 [Paper drop competition] (Materials Engineering)

Drop a structural object made from A3 copy paper from a height of 5 meters, and compete for the greatest possible height of the structural object from the floor when landing. Drop a structural object of 3 types in each group one by one, for a total of 3 times, and compete for the sum of total height of the structural object.

Science skill competition 3 [Pasta bridge competition] (Structural Mechanics)

Make a model of a bridge, by bonding with a hot bond, using 100g of pasta which is not boiled. Apply load to the bridge, keep increasing the load until the bridge breaks, and compete to the extent the bridge can endure.

⇒ Five teams were made with a mix of students from science students of Nagasaki Nishi High School, Viet Doc high school, and Hanoi-Amsterdam high school, and they worked on the above three kinds of production activities, for the inter team competition event on the final day. The product for competition that was well-crafted by repeatedly designing and prototyping was manufactured within a limited time, while each team discussed with others in the English language. The final day competition was held during the Nagasaki Nishi High School Cultural Festival, each team staged an exciting competition, and the deepening of bonds between Nagasaki Nishi High School students and Vietnamese students could be strongly felt.

They worked on the Clip motor manufacturing while actively brainstorming the ideas in English, to an unexpected level, from the first date of manufacturing to the first interview.

Lecture and practical training at Faculty of Engineering, Nagasaki University

● Electrical and Electronics Engineering Course

Theme 1: “Advanced Research for Wireless Communication Technology”
Theme 2: “Development of Permanent Film Magnets Applied to Miniaturized Devices”
Theme 3: “Development of a Novel Variable Field Flux Motor for EV and HEV”

● International Water Environment Course

Theme 4: “Water treatment for contaminated water”

⇒ Especially, in the “International Water Environment Course”, where many foreign students from various countries in Southeast Asia were enrolled, the students from Vietnam were also actively asking questions about the water purification systems, while linking with the present situation such as water quality problems of their country.

In the explanation of the purification equipment for training at the Faculty of Engineering, Nagasaki University, they had keen interest and concern about its mechanism and sophistication.

Training at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaki Shipyard

Training at a turbine factory, historical museum, and Kouyagi repair dock

⇒ Corporate training at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

They were able to deepen their understanding of the advanced technology of Japan that was put to practical use, such as the manufacturing of space equipment in addition to luxury cruise ships, and also the history of those great people who contributed to those developments.

Lecture and training at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University

Theme 1: Lecture on “Activities of the Institute of Tropical Medicine”
Theme 2: Lecture on “Museum of the Institute of Tropical Medicine”

⇒ The Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University has a base in Vietnam also, and it was a meaningful training for the Vietnamese students who often encounter tropical zone diseases such as tick-borne infections. They were able to learn that the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University is contributing greatly to tropical medicine around the world.

Training at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
Listening to the lecture with enthusiasm

Training at the Department of HUMAN GENETICS, Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki University

Theme “DNA analysis experiment on earwax type”

⇒ They were able to learn about types of earwax, by extracting the DNA from each fingernail, amplifying it, and performing DNA analysis. They were able to carry out full-scale DNA analysis experiments using specialized laboratory instruments of the research institute.

Training at the Department of HUMAN GENETICS, Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki University
Working actively on the experiment while wondering at the first micropipette operation