2018 Activity Report vol.11:Muroran Institute of Technology

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.11

Learn the true meaning of Monodzukuri science and technology in Muroran, Hokkaido

Report from Muroran Institute of Technology

Chiang Mai University is one of the overseas agreement schools where academic exchange with the Muroran Institute of Technology is active, and so far, the activities of the Graduate School of Engineering and graduate students were in focus. Therefore, this program was conducted with the aim of further revitalizing the students, including the engineering department and undergraduate students, a total of 11 members including 8 undergraduates, 2 graduate students, and 1 supervising faculty member were invited for a period of 6 days from June 18th to June 23rd, 2018.

In the laboratory

On the 1st day, the group traveled from Chiang Mai to Muroran. After arriving at Muroran, they stopped at the university, and the first day orientation was held following various procedures.

On the 2nd day, they made a courtesy visit to the president in the morning, and then attended a special lecture on “Medical Engineering and Instrumentation Technology”. In the afternoon, they visited laboratories involved with optical measurement in the fields of Medicine, Spectroscopic sensing, and Digital holography, while interacting on the exchange project with students of the university. A welcoming party for the students of the university, including the international students and the faculty member who was involved in this program, was hosted in the evening, and the exchange was deepened.

Nervous during the courtesy visit to the president

On the 3rd day, they attended a special lecture on “Machine Processing and Industrial Engineering” and then visited the Production Processing Laboratory. In the afternoon, they went in a small bus to visit Muroran Steel Works of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, located in Muroran. After the factory tour, they toured, by bus and foot, the steel manufacturing and manufacturing process of large-scale special steel bar, steel and wire rod etc., including a tour within the large premises. They also encountered the tapping of molten pig iron, and observed it from the steel manufacturing shop floor. On the return trip they passed through the Shiratori Bridge, etc., where the related products are used. Unfortunately, visibility was obstructed by dense fog, but their impression of Muroran, which has positioned itself as one of the leading industrial cities in Japan, was deepened.

Eagerly attending special lectures

On the 4th day, they attended a special lecture on “High Pressure Generation Technology and Environmental Materials”, and visited the Physics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Group in the morning. In the afternoon, they attended a special lecture on “Robotics and Control Engineering”, and visited the System Control Engineering Laboratory and robot facility of the Faculty of Engineering. In the evening, they continued congenial exchange in each group of students and faculty members.

Explanation of laboratory equipment by overseas students

On the 5th day, they attended a special lecture on “Mechanical Systems and Machine Elements” and made a laboratory visit in the field of mechanical systems and design studies in the morning. In the afternoon, they traveled to Tomakomai City by charter bus, and visited Tomakomai factory of Dynax Corporation. They toured the special manufacturing process for equipment and parts, mainly for clutch plates of automobiles, construction machines, agricultural machines etc., received an explanation of advanced research and development, and toured the facility. After completion of the tour, they checked in at the New Chitose Airport hotel, and spent the last day of their stay meaningfully by walking around the suburban area. The completion ceremony was held on campus, and a certificate of completion and a badge were given to each participant, including the supervising faculty member.

Factory tour in dense fog

On the 6th day, they returned to Chiang Mai Thailand, via the Incheon Airport of South Korea from New Chitose Airport, with lots of experiences during their stay and many memories in their heart.

Finally, in this program, especially, the travel and hosting expenses for the many invited students, which, was a rare subsidy that can hardly be seen in other programs, and, it can be said, was a big feature with a purpose. The participants would like to express their sincere appreciation for this great opportunity, and look forward to continued support.