Outline, Purposes, Achievements

What is the Sakura Science Exchange Program?

In 2014, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) started the "Sakura Science Program". Since then, the program has invited talented young foreign human resources for short−term visits to Japan, giving them the opportunity to experience both Japan's cutting−edge science and technology and culture. Exchange plans prepared by Japanese receiving organizations and overseas sending organizations are publicly offered and adopted.

Purposes of Sakura Science Exchange Program

The Sakura Science Program's objectives include:

  • To support the development of talented human resources from overseas who have the potential to contribute to innovation in science and technology.
  • To Accelerate the international brain cycle.
  • To promote continuous collaboration, cooperation and interaction between Japanese educational and research institutes and overseas ones.
  • To strengthen good relationship between Japan and other countries and regions that will help science and technology diplomacy.

Overview of the Sakura Science Exchange Program

Overview of the Sakura Science Exchange Program image

Eligible persons

Students, researchers and others engaged in science and technology who are 40 years old and under.



Number of invitees

Number of invitees

Scale of the Sakura Science Program (Number of invitees and government budgets)

Scale of the Sakura Science Program

Results of Participant Survey

Results of Participant Survey

Host Organizations

Educational and research institutes throughout Japan, companies, local governments, various organizations, and others.

Sending Organizations

An organization that dispatches invitees and plans and implements exchange programs in cooperation with the host organization.